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"OMG I just had the greatest wood therapy (madera terapia) ever by Maziel C. a LMT, the lady has the best technique ever. She is amazing in just one visit you can see the difference. I had other services with her in the past, as deep tissue massage and stone therapy and cupping too. This lady is the real thing, fire šŸ”„. I already scheduled my next session. Love it "

[ Maxis ]

"If you're in south Florida please let this lady touch you!"

[ Aracelis ]

Maziel has been helping me with physical therapy, stretching, cupping, and above all providing me with a positive environment for over two years.

The work that she puts in is INVALUABLE. Your money will be well spent.

Your body will feel better, if you put in the work with Maziel.

I am a United States Marine Corps Veteran , Maziel has helped me with difficult stretches that help with my range of motion in my shoulder and hips.

She could assist with Sports injuries as well.

If you are thinking about doing a service with Maziel DO IT.

[ Joshua ]

Endless possibilities