Soul Fire Massage & Wellness

Healing Combining Knowledge, Love and Soul...

My name is Maziel Casanueva and I am the founder and owner of Soul Fire Massage & Wellness. I was born and raised in Miami, FL from Cuban immigrant parents and have lived in Miami my entire life. In 2018 I decided to move to Denver, Colorado to broaden my horizons. While living out on the Rockies I was able to go to a wonderful massage school in Downtown Denver called, The Denver Integrated Massage School. In this wonderful school I learned the art of massage, energetic body work and specialized in Thai massage. While on my licensing journey I interned at Color Up Wellness Center, where I was able to learn fire cupping and gained a master education on the benefits of CBD in the body. I am forever grateful of how much I grew professionally while being immersed in such a wonderful and warm community.

Since being licensed I have obtained knowledge and experience from working on various types of athletes and active individuals. Along with, healing patients with debilitating diseases such as Parkinson's and arthritis. Honing my craft in helping others heal their body through therapeutic deep work and energetic healing. I retuned to Miami, with the goal of bringing the experience I obtained while living out west to my birth place. In hopes of helping others and bringing more awareness to the benefits of Holistic preventative healthcare.

Miami being the land of beautiful people I wanted to bring an element of beauty and aesthetics to my practice. However, I wanted to maintain the holistic origins of Soul Fire Massage & Wellness, and decided to learned the art of body sculpting through wood therapy. I was taught by Cristina Lopez the owner and founder of Cris Spa who has over 18+ years of experience in Colombian style wood therapy and body contouring.

Born from a desire to bring beauty, healing, and energetic intention to people who are seeking to enhance their wellness lifestyle holistically. Founded in 2021 Soul Fire Massage & Wellness has been bringing relief to the Miami Metro area ever since.